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Our Equipment

We're pretty particular about the kind of gear we like to use. And we're a little bit different in some ways. For instance, everyone assumes that creative people like to use macs. Not us - we're die-hard PC users, baby! Here's a little more info on our gear.

Camera Gear


A good camera is like a good pair of jeans - it looks good, fits in all the right places, and makes you feel really comfortable. We Loooooooove our Nikons cameras, because they're just right in all those ways. The shape of the cameras fit really well in the hand, the cameras respond really well, and render colors beautifully. Click here to read more about our cameras.

Our Favorite Lenses


A good camera is important ... but lenses are MORE important. Some lenses let us grab action far away without being intrusive. Other lenses are better close up, when you can control the light and the posing a little more. Other lenses are better for taking in wide-angle scenic shots. We have a lot of favorites. Click here to learn about them.

Flash Units


Woah, what's all this stuff? The use of off-camera flash is what separates good photographers from elite ones. We're committed to delivering studio-quality results to every wedding we shoot, no matter where it is. Using our SB-600 lights helps us achieve images that would otherwise be impossible. Click here to learn more about our flash units.

Computers: Hand-built, custom PCs.

Yup, we're huge geeks. We don't buy computers off the shelf. We make them ourselves from scratch. That means buying a case, motherboard, processor, ram, drives, cables, power supplies, etc. and putting them all together. Knowing our equipment inside and out is a big deal for us, so building our own computers is only natural.

Harness: BlackRapid

Our favorite gear purchase of 2009, bar none. The BlackRapid DS-1 is the coolest camera strap ever invented. The DS-1 lets us carry two cameras at once, without either camera ever getting in the way. We can switch from a closeup lens to a telephoto lens in under one second. That helps us make sure we're getting all the best shots, and never missing a moment.

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