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Our Nikon Cameras

We've used them all ... Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax ... and our favorite cameras are the Nikons. They feel great in our hands, have extensive controls placed just where we want them, and deliver gorgeous, timeless images.

Nikon D300

Nikon D300

We like to shoot with two of these guys, one strapped on each shoulder. The body is perfect: big, but not too big. It fits great in the hand. Its feature set is amazing, and its image quality is even better. Really, there's a lot we could say about this camera, but there have been plenty of reviews written about it, if you do a quick google search.

FX vs. DX

The D300 is the most advanced DX camera ever produced. What's DX, you ask? It's the cropped format that digital SLR cameras have been using for about a decade. The DX sensor is slightly smaller than an actual piece of 35mm film. That means that the lenses you put on these cameras (lenses originally designed for film cameras) project light onto a smaller area. That's a GOOD thing. The best, most pristine parts of a lense's image has always been in the center. The DX format capitalizes on this "sweet spot" to create images crisper than anything possible on film.

But it gets better. Since the advent of DSLR cameras, equipment manufacturers began to create lenses designed for this smaller image sensor. Ultimately, they've found ways to make the old film lenses smaller, lighter, more compact. Same image quality, lighter equipment. That means that at weddings, we cam move around more quickly, and make sure we don't miss the important moments. Our gear is less intrusive, because we can pack lighter. At the reception, you'll hardly notice that there's a photographer present. The digital revolution has helped improve wedding photography, and we're proud to be on the cutting edge.

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