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Salazar Photography is Nick and Theresa Salazar, husband-and-wife team. We've developed a unique style which is a fusion of modern & photojournalistic techniques. We capture unique moments in time and create images you'll cherish forever. We serve all over Colorado, and destination weddings across the globe.

A little about us:

Nick is the owner and founder of Salazar Photography. He's taking the world of wedding photography by storm, combining elements of high fashion photography to the beauty and wonder of weddings.

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We'd love to chat for pages and pages about how we craft our images, and what makes us the best. But it's easier if you just see for yourself. A picture's worth a thousand words, right? Visit the galleries here, or get in touch with us via email: info@salazarphotography.com

Named one of Denver's Best Wedding Photographers by myDenverPhotographers

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